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Diana Frese
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Re: Aikido training - Why are you searching for internal strength?

This is a long thread and I'm sorry I missed David's answer to my
post when I later jumped back in and posted on another page. Yes I will be viewing the video again when we have an afternoon to deal with dial up but whatever we may find, we still have much to learn from it.

my husband and I just got into a discussion of knife attacks and he said in those circumstances it's not going to be easy, and as a matter of fact in a book by Shigeru Egami of Shotokan he said the advice was that in such cases you have to do whatever it takes to save your life even if it means grabbing the knife.

But returning to the video, yes I did note much that did indeed look like what we seem to be aiming for, and furthermore it was filmed in a teaching situation. My husband says the student did very well in general.

It reminds me of my teaching days, not very many years in duration and many years ago at the local YMCA and a nearby YWCA. I hope I taught both aspects of Aikido, and by taught, I mean worked on with the help of my students, hoping they learned something too. I used examples from what may be called the popular culture, such as Lucy the comedienne of television in the famous mirror image scene, I had the students mirror the hand movements of each other as if standing behind a screen. I don't think I was trying to teach IP or IS per se, I was just trying to teach them how to keep track of uke at all times. We also attempted some more heavy duty stuff, like where uke's line of force actually is. In ushiro tekubi tori "in the motion" my assistant had his energy directed at the right wrist, but hadn't extended toward the left while coming around. So I just pointed down with the hand that had actually been grabbed. From the ground my assistant was heard to comment, "Eat mat...."

I'm not trying to sound like an expert or put down the value of training in IP or IS, but there are a lot of things we can get a glimpse of even in our own dojos. Knowing where uke is and where his or her energy is is a start, I think.
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