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Re: Ikeda Sensei Demos of Ki

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
What do you think about discrete teaching in dojos of basic kokyu skills (like the ones Ikeda Sensei is showing)?

Mike Sigman
As I said in another thread, if it were entirely up to me I would focus a large percentage of the training at the very beginning of a student's Aikido career on these things. Certainly , every class for some period of time.

Even with my still remedial understanding of this work, I can pretty much get almost any student to successfully experience pretty much anything I have seen him do. So, I am trying to incorporate some of this work at early levels so that folks, even when they don't know many techniques know what it should feel like, trust that there is a way to do it that is quite different than what they thought when they came in the door, and that they can do it too, it's not just something "special" teachers can do.

Since there is an expectation that my students be able to do what other students from other dojos in our organization can do after a similar time in grade, I still focus on waza more than I think should be done at the beginning stages. You cannot get your Shodan doing discrete ki exercises. no matter how well you do them. And I am part of a larger community and need to have my students fit into that.

If I did entirely what I think would turn out the very best students in the long run, I'd spend five years preparing the ground and then start teaching , more waza once folks knew how to use their bodies properly. That would include movement as well as more static skills. What I do now is a compromise.

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