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Re: Ikeda Sensei Demos of Ki

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Hi George.

After all those years being taught this way, finding there are people like Ushiro Sensei, did you feel somewhat betrayed by Saotome Sensei?
George wil answer you but I would like to point out that many of the Japanese teachers who got some things got them from kata and intuitive feel and tips. When asked- they are being honest that they cannot explain it. It is the same with some of the Chinese teachers as well.
Others were told and can tell you...but they might not
Others know and they will not tell you.
And yes there is a "Don't teach the white people" syndrome that still exists here and there that is ugly and not popular to discuss.
Why do you think that Sagawa did not want his book translated?
If sources are to be believed there are a lot of foreign students in China who know matter how long they train were never going to get the goods. They got some good fighting principles and came home as "go to guys" for their years in China, but it didn't take long to see they were not in the same league There are even some jokes told about it.
It is interesting to see just how many non Asians truly get it from Asian teachers. Let's wait and see what white people get what from certain Asian teachers. A recent head teacher was quoted in 2010 for stating -in Japan- that "the gokui is reserved for the Japanese.".

Now you have to add in the Asian teaching model which doesn't typically explain things in detail in the first place anyway.
Please note I am not saying all Asian teachers will not teach-thats ridiculous. .