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Re: Ikeda Sensei Demos of Ki

John Burn wrote: View Post
I'd agree that it's not something he's just picked up - but certainly something he's refined of late and is trying to explain it a lot more. I first saw him something like 10 years ago and have some footage of him from the 80's at home, he's still doing many of the things from back then in the here and now... just a lot smaller and more refined. He does attribute much of this to Ushiro sensei, he's mentioned it quite a few times now.
Fair enough, John. I think that lays it out more clearly in the way that I also see it. I've seen Ikeda Sensei over a long length of time and the "just learned it" story was not, IMO, quite accurate. That he learned things from Ushiro Sensei is good and Ikeda Sensei does acknowledge it. It'd be a nice clinical discussion to have on a martial-arts forum sometime.
I am still to get my interpretation of his demo filmed, hopefully this week or next. Might be easier to see what I took from him telling us to move our centre... Might post it in the other place mind you .
Fair enough. Given the contentions about videos on this forum, I'd suggest a quieter place.