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As a 6'4, 270 lb man, I can see the issue personally. I am not the best Uke for straight technique, but what generally happens is that I cause some variation and those that train with me do learn to deal with my size.

My difference is that I have no pride when I step on the mat and give myself for training 100%. If something hurt me, I talk about it to see if it was something I did or they did to compensate.

At the end of the class, we're all friends and have learned lots.

Male Ego is easily injured and you either get through it or it becomes something that stops you in life.

Give the good old soul a dandy Nikkyo - I find shorter people really put that on well and there is no explanations for clotheslines and other things. You just have to learn to accept the technique and tap.
LOL.....I would love to train with you. WE could learn something...nothing like a good ole Nikkyu to make the duo focus LOL...
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