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I am not saying that there is some instant death technique out there, but I can say that a swift powerful thrust to someone's throat is the kind of "killer" technique I am talking about here. What I am saying is that in the scenerio you are skilled enough to use such an attack in a very effective manner.

But if for some reason you can not bring yourself to accept that there is a killer technique, suppose you have a gun and the attacker simply does not aknowledge you have it.

In this scenerio you did not have a choice whether to get in this situation or not. You don't have be acting irresponsibly to get attacked. You could get attacked by a burgler, walking to your car after going to the store, crazed coworker, etc..

Yes Colleen I think you are one step ahead of me here but I am not sure that attempting to subdue him is the right choice.

My follow up is what if your Aikido skills were less than competant raising the chance of you getting killed even higher?

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