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Re: 5th kyu shihans

Feedback - "I'm not sure why but you're not taking my balance." or "Your hips are too high to throw me with koshinage."
Advice - "I think if you moved this way you'll be doing more what sensei showed us and you'll have me on my toes ready to fall." or "Lower your hips to throw me with koshinage."
Advice - "Sumimasen sensei, I'm not sure why my partner's having so much trouble throwing me." or "Sumimasen sensei, I'm finding it difficult to do this what do I need to change?"
(why not ask the sensei/shihan for help... I'm willing to bet that some of them get frustrated when they show stuff, and nobody gets it - or those who think they get it are doing something completely different from what the shihan demonstrated.)

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