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Re: 5th kyu shihans

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An interesting spin on this thread....When I attend seminars given by the Shihan of our organization a couple of his high ranking instructors (5th and 6th Dans) feel the need to interpret/re-teach what he is showing....versus just practicing. They talk so much during training little in the way of practicing is done.
I often find myself in that position... I can sympathize with them, although from the sound of it, some restraint should be exercised. It's just so hard to sit there and watch folks mangle what Sensei just showed. I know it seems like they are reinterpreting, but often it's that we are trying to rephrase something Sensei did that clearly no one got.

I am not saying that this is always what is happening but folks do need to be aware that often, the Japanese teachers are apt to walk around and smile, which does not mean everything's ok... Somebody needs to say something and often the "big guy" doesn't. I see no function to sitting there watching everyone do the techniques exactly the same way they knew how to do when they walked in the door, especially when that has little to do with what Sensei just did.

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