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Re: bad technique vs. resistance

Zach Trent wrote: View Post
I have no knowledge or opinions of internal power, but I got angry at the people who were saying Ledyard Sensei didn't seem very organized in his thoughts and contributions.
No, on the subject they were referring to, they were correct. I was purposely not as detailed (or lengthy) as I am normally, for reasons that I stated and I think subsequently became even more clear. I wasn't the least offended, so don't you be.

To be honest- I have this back-burner desire of getting all of Ledyard Sensei's writings published someday. I think it would be an amazing contribution of essays and I myself would love to have all of his writings in one place. I learn a lot from you Sensei- so please keep sharing!
Some folks have been after me for a while to write a book, But I've talked to Gleason and Amdur Sensei's, who have done so, and I think I am too lazy to go through the amount of work they went through for the most modest of returns. Videos are way better... only a short burst of effort with a long term return. Genie, my wife said we should simply get a good editor and see if he or she could pull something coherent out of the ridiculous amount of time I've spent posting on-line. I may do that. Right now, my Mom thinks I have wasted my adult like. Seeing my stuff on-line simply hasn't changed that opinion. The same stuff in a book, now that might change her mind. It would be something tangible she could show her friends. Thanks for the encouragement... probably need to get off my duff, except that I never actually seem to get to be on my duff... oh well.

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