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Re: 5th kyu shihans

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I can see plenty of situations neither advice nor feedback is really warranted. I know that in my own case, I'm often aware when I've made a mistake, and I'm working on correcting it. Call me a slow learner, but there's often quite a noticeable gap between the time when I can detect a problem and when I can correct it. When I'm in that gap, I don't really need some self-appointed quality control manager telling me about it.
As a 5th kyu shihan (4th but what's the difference) to me it would seem appropriate at this point to give feedback on the feedback. As a 5th kyu I don't know what's up. Sensei told me to mention that you don't have my center. Communicate what you are doing. Most folks will shut-up if you let them know what you doing. I try.
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