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Re: Aikido training - Why are you searching for internal strength?

Let's all step back a bit about motivations that may be negative. Most MA and MMA people I have met run the gamut from young and old, blue and white collar, hobbyist or professionals and are not in it to personally be the toughest person in the world.
What if we look at power in a different way.
Central balance
What if I were to say that there was a way for you to train to make you this stretchy gumby unmovable object. What if anyone who contacts you get their balance interrupted and they become part of you and your choice of where to move them?
What if you can move yourself while retaining all those qualities and your movement moves them?
What if there was some nifty things you could do to people because of the way your body was connected?
What if there were ways to make aiki happen all the way out to the limbs, in the arms and kokyu ho or aiki age from the back of your knee, or kuzushi on contact?
What if you could absorb their efforts to throw you and it helped them throw themselves?
What if all of the above applied to weapons as well?

No where in the above did I discuss hitting, kicking, or throwing them. So the use of power in the above is all defensive.
Make sense?
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