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Diana Frese
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Re: Legacy and the Founder

I hope it's okay to call you Francis. I think I met you years ago, but
I've been mostly out of practice for many years for many of the usual reasons, job change, (non aikido related) injuries, marriage and other family responsibilities.... posted way too much on what some may call excuses and others might view with understanding having stopped training at least for a while, themselves.

Well, there's my intro. I occasionally have posted some memories of training years ago, in the past couple of months or so, starting with the Thanksgiving thread. But for you, I've been meaning to someday send you respect for being the teacher of Father Joseph Miller who was a fan of effective waza, and didn't like me teaching with beach balls. I'm sure there are many who use this effectively, but to go on with my story, I had to listen to him because he was, I think, first kyu and I was only shodan in a small YMCA dojo. As a matter of fact, I should have listened whoever he was, but in this case it was easy. He was your direct student and said he was going to Boston to pay his respects to one of your teachers. I don't even remember if he mentioned any others, but that was great we were going to Boston, and Yamada Sensei always hinted to people to visit Kanai Sensei's dojo. Kanai Sensei was kind of quiet (except when he felt a person needed advice, but that's another possible thread, but yes he usually spoke quietly) i think Yamada Sensei meant that even though Kanai Sensei seemed kind of quiet, not to forget to visit Boston, or something like that, I don't remember his exact words.

Kanai Sensei, in my impression from seminars and training camps, emphasized hanmi. He was not tall, but I later noticed that many of his senior students were tall. From personal experience of being relatively tall, I said, maybe it's because it's a way for people like me to figure out how not to get our feet tangled up.

I feel kind of shy mentioning these small stories in a history-oriented thread, but I hope this post and any others I have made or will make may help others realize just another instance of how valuable training in Aikido can be to individual people as well, Father Joe in the few alternating weeks he spent with our dojo while on loan to a local affiliate of the company in California, was a great help both at the Y classes and for taking a couple of us with him to Boston.

I went to Boston about once a month or to Western Massachusetts seminars for about a year, after being brought with another friend from the YMCA dojo that visit I mentioned. I had a friend from summer camp who invited me to visit in Marblehead, and I stayed there most times,and another friend near central square (the new dojo had moved to Porter Square I think it was called) I stayed with once or twice.

Some things in life just work out, but we have to take the opportunity.

Anyway, respectfully submitted, and I hope to be able to make some small contribution that will lead to some beautiful recollections from others. I know I enjoy reading posts from those who contribute their memories.

In closing, thanks for your generosity and inspiration to us all.
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