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Re: Aikido training - Why are you searching for internal strength?

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No, no, and no, but I don't need a Ferrari, a fire hose, or a supercomputer, either.
Balance in all things. I wouldn't think that would be such a radical idea among martial artists.

I see your point.
At some point there has to be an ackowledgment of what martial arts are. Power, as well as aiki or connection and control is the goal of the martial arts.Even were one to think he can defeat an opponent without hurting them.. then the requirements above apply even more so.
Anything else ..while it may be fine...just isn't martial arts.
I think the real dilemma and challenge to the spiritual and to the personal growth is to have power and not wield it. This is a challenge not just for traditional martial artists, it applies to MMA, it applies to Power lifters, anyone, who has power,and or skill above the norm.
I think that legacy played out many times in stories of martial artists who were undefeatable and took a look at themselves and evaluated what they wanted. I think Ueshiba while looking for a better way...never mistook the fact that mercy belonged to the victor. It was he who said before before Rob Watson that he exerts his will on others. If we do not understand that, that is the cornerstone of aiki....we will never have aiki, instead we will be owned by the will of others. It is our control of our own energy, that we can manage the force of others to not harm us. Meaning?
You made a choice to control their violence toward you. thus exerting your will on theirs. Otherwise all we have done is just get beat up or controlled.
Just say'n
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