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Re: Aikido training - Why are you searching for internal strength?

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I think this is pretty key. It's the people searching and chasing and obsessing in "this stuff" that are going to get somewhere with it. Dan, or others, you may have different experiences - but I see it as such a deep subject requiring vast mental and physical commitment that the casual customer may not really be suited to this study?

Asking others at this point - especially those trying to teach this in their schools. Is it an additional series of exercises as an add on? Has it foundationally changed how you're looking at aikido?
Some close peeps that are also into this stuff and I have a similar mindset in how we'd do it - in that there would be the general "this is fun we grab each other and fall down" activity to keep the lights on in a school. Then the "by invite only" goup that does the "work" part to really build the necessary foundational stuffs - moves onto hard sparring (and light sparring to re-work fundamental applications), crosstrains other arts, etc.

Anyhoo, please continue.
Six schools that I am aware of do exactly that; they have separate days for training this. And they also incorporate training it in regular class. I think it is too soon to tell who is going to follow through,and who might excel etc. Some -with self serving, competitive motivations- are critiquing and commenting on their progress. I think that is counterproductive to the debate at such an early stage.

There is a lot being talked about in separating this work from external movement and technique which is fine...yet make no mistake, every source in the martial arts outlines the necessity for tackling that difficult step of getting it into external movement. In fact the use of it is yet another milestone...still outside of waza. While that in and of itself is martially effective (something BTW, which has never been covered here either) it is that work that many find intriguing and revealing while they are slowly progressing. Itis difficult and you can default back to bad's a mindfield.
All the best
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