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Re: Aikido training - Why are you searching for internal strength?

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David Orange wrote:
But as you said, the teachings warned that when you begin to experience these Siddhi powers, you must not pursue them because then you get side-tracked into them and can lose the way in focus on the powers. If you avoided this, you could reach greater and greater depths of understanding, moving toward Wisdom.
always curious of why folks don't want to focus on powers or believed that powers and wisdom are mutually exclusive. strange creatures we human. afraid of our own shadows.
I think the warning was more in reveling in the power and chasing it for its own end, rather than a warning against power. If you gain that kind of power and chase after it (focus solely on making it better) because you like having it, then you miss out on other training to take you beyond that. Look to Ueshiba who in his early years was described like being an electric shock when grabbed but in later years was ghosty soft. If you focus on the power and like the "electric-shock" type of skill, then you won't get to the ghosty part.

The phrase, you have to give up strength to gain strength didn't always apply to just physical muscle strength.
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