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If folks can train together with a genuine desire for nothing more than for each of them to get better, without all the bs involved with who is superior, whose rank is higher etc, feedback can be important from the partner. On the connection work it is very helpful, even crucial to get feedback from the partner, at least until one is good enough to understand what is happening and why something may be hung up. But if can't be clean, folks should just shit up and let the teacher do it.

When I did some training with Dan H, everyone was giving feedback and even advice (if they thought they could help) to each other but it was so clearly out of a genuine desire for everyone to get what Dan was doing that no one seemed to mind. I had one partner tell me something that clearly didn't jibe with what Dan has just told me earlier, but it just didn't seem impertinent and I found myself thinking about why he thought it worked that way and what the difference really was between what he told me and what Dan had said. Maybe something we could strive for in Aikido.
I think these two paragraphs sum up the experience I want when I train.
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