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Re: Aikido training - Why are you searching for internal strength?

David Orange wrote: View Post
However, Mary's question was "Why go outside aikido?" and I'm saying that from the mainline point of view, she's already outside of

And if it's alright to go "outside aikido" in that regard, why not go on and find internal power?
It's totally alright. She asked the question with no implication that it's somehow wrong to do so. She wanted to illicit responses because she's interested in peoples' thoughts on the subject as a whole.

David Orange wrote: View Post
Mochizuki Sensei said, "Nobody does Ueshiba's aikido but Morihei Ueshiba." And by that, he meant not Kisshomaru, not Tohei, not himself. But there is an essence there that, if we connect with it, it is aikido and we each have our own.
Totally agree.

David Orange wrote: View Post
And I have been convinced that internal power (and Mike identifies Tohei as a major figure in this) is a part of the essence of the real and whole art of aikido.
Can't argue with that. It's why we continue to put major emphasis on Ki development in our training.


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