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Re: 5th kyu shihans

Janet - Fantastic summary and example, which is not really off topic. It addresses one of the main issues.

Keith - yours did too...

George - "dissed" is classic - smile.

Two points: First point - feedback is always welcome. You can't give technical advice on how to do something you have no expertise, or knowledge of. Thus some reason for a more "senior" a.k.a. "experienced" person to take issue with a brand new person stopping the practice to complain about something, when the brand new person is creating the problem.

Second point: Threats are not advice, some may call it feedback. But it's dangerous, not progressive and not in "harmony" with the type of cooperative training usually created in an Aikido dojo. (unless you are training with one of those instructors that break up the ukes to show how tough they are are how well their technique works in relation to "softer" instructors)
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