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Re: Aikido training - Why are you searching for internal strength?

People have given some great reasons why they are searching for "internal strength", and some people have given great reasons why they aren't searching outside of their Aikido practice for "internal strength".

I don't feel I can add anything to the debate at this level, however I am interested to know peoples thoughts as to where the line gets drawn in the sand in the search to be greater, stronger, more power and ability. If people feel there is a line at all.

I am reminded of an essay by Masahilo Nakazono Sensei, I think it is entitled "About Power", from My Past Way of Budo and Other Essays.

In it Nakazono Sensei describes as his training progressed, when he used Kiai strange things started to happen, lightbulbs exploding, large pockets of air forming under the mats which could only be pushed down with ki and not just pushed down with physical strength. Nakazono Sensei describes how he felt that he could have learned to control this power but chose not to pursue it, and outright rejected it.

In Esoteric Shingon Buddhism I have also read that as mediation progresses to the higher levels and the consciousness transcends to higher states that super human powers can manifest, but within the teaching it is critical that they not be pursued.

In both cases it is sighted that a desire of chasing power is ultimately detrimental to the real human quest. It bolsters the ego and, as has been said suggested, can distort and corrupt ones life. Hasn't this been repeated in history a myriad times? People acting out of a desire of power and control. Isn't this also central to Aikido philosophically? Sadly I feel that Demetrio's desire to "impose his will" over others highlights the dangers of such a quest.

Now I am not saying that IP is wrong, or bad, or searching for it is not a potentially good and positive thing to do. I am however questioning that maybe in the broader debate perhaps we are missing something, once somebody has acquired this strength then what, what next?

I think intrinsically we already all know the answer to this question. The search, everybody is on a endless quest for is not power, but for something much greater, Truth. I just hope that whilst we (myself included) are all searching around for strength and power that we don't get too distracted and forget the real search for Truth.

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