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Oh, there is always risk involved. Even in personal must put a little of yourself outthere and risk being hurt or injured in order to have a relationship.

When you form this "relationship" with your attacker, in order to resolve the situation with no injury to him, would require you to put yourself in harms way slightly, philosophically, if you do not do this,then you cannot form the relationship necessary to not hurt him. Not saying that it is inevitiable that you will get hurt, but there is no way IMHO to resolve this situation without harm to him without incuring risk on your part.

You must decide individually how much risk is worth it, and if your skill set allows you to take that risk to begin with.

This whole philosophical discussion is why I do not drink when I go out to bars or anything in public. I might be a little extreme, but have had several senarios in the past that I had to end up resolving on my behalf or someone elses. Alcohol impairs my ability to make critical decisions which may make the difference if I hurt someone or not, therefore, I choose to not drink.

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