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Re: Aikido training - Why are you searching for internal strength?

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
Why are you searching for internal strength?
I'd rather think of myself as 'training' than 'searching', but the reason is simple: I enjoy it.
One could argue that Aikido is not Aikido without internal strength, but I'm no longer interested in that discussion. People should decide for themselves how and what to train.

Why is it missing from your Aikido training? Why are you going outside your art to find it?
I quit Aikido some time ago, but it's really quite simple: if you can't find what you're looking for in Aikido, you go look somewhere else.

When I read the threads about this training it makes me wonder what you are lacking that you have to go find it.
A very specific skill set. Most people that have felt what Mike Sigman, Akuzawa, Dan Harden, etc, can do (not that they all do exactly the same thing) seem to agree, by the way. And the operative word sure seems to be 'felt' here.

Aikido training for me is a whole practice…the development of correct feeling is just part of the process in becoming what Aikido is molding me into. Are you missing the point in your impatience to be the strongest person alive?
Ironically, a lot of the feats that make internal strength impressive have more to do with skill (coordination) than with strength (conditioning). Not that conditioning is not an important requirement, but the conditioning alone won't get you that far. It's the skill set that becomes accessible through the conditioning that makes up the fun part of internal strength. So I wouldn't say I want to become the strongest person alive and am thus missing the point.

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
[...], but what we're talking about is really a superior way of moving and using your body.
Devil's advocate-time: superior in what way(s)?

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