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Re: Aikido training - Why are you searching for internal strength?

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
Why are you searching for internal strength?Mary
Why not? Why search for anything? I see IT as a compliment to aikido. I also see it as another compliment to other areas of my life. I have a feeling it can have a good influence on my horsemanship. It can only deepen my understanding of how my body works and offer me a broader realm of possibilities.

Why is it missing from your Aikido training?
I don't believe it is or ever was. I have perceived aspects of IT as part of my training from day one although I did not know how to recognize them or isolate and train them.

Why are you going outside your art to find it?Mary
I'm not. I am exploring it within my art. However if teachers from other arts ,who understand it better, are willing to share what they know why would I not take them up on the offer?

When I read the threads about this training it makes me wonder what you are lacking that you have to go find it.
It is not what is lacking... it is what can make something good even better? Ice cream by itself is delicious. Ice cream with Sarri's hard cap on top is out of this world....

Aikido training for me is a whole practice…the development of correct feeling is just part of the process in becoming what Aikido is molding me into.
And I had the same sentiments before I got a little taste of IT. Nor do I think that this training is necessarily for everyone. But for myself personally. I want to continue the exploration. I'm relatively new to aikido. If all of these people who discovered it so late into their training have good results I can only imagine what someone who has had training like this ,alongside their regular training, might experience.

Are you missing the point in your impatience to be the strongest person alive?
I am neither impatient nor interested in being the strongest person alive. I can see that this may be the goal of some. But just because one explores IT does not mean their goal is to be a great fighter. But then I also did not come to aikido looking for self defense.

My question to you is.

Why does it bother you that some wish to explore this aspect of training?

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