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Re: bad technique vs. resistance

Hi George and Dan,

Isn't it amazing how different training can complement each other provided the people are forming lasting relationships? People like Bill Gleason and Howard Popkin (you too, George) are putting themselves out there to learn something valuable and are putting in the effort to make their art stronger, more like what it was originally rather than what it has become, and teaching what they know. You guys have the necessary backgrounds, have the years of training, and are leading the way. What's nice is that you aren't the only ones doing this because others in various organizations are involved, too. All of you are talking about how to do this stuff, showing things, and teaching it the best that you can. And forming lasting relationships because of it.

People with a love of aikido and Daito ryu are strengthening the ties between their arts, strengthening their own art, and are forging new relationships with other people who love their art. I know I haven't met many people in their own art who really weren't interested or vested in making it or themselves better. It's a big world out there, so I'm sure there are some rare exceptions.

People like to *talk* about Modern Aikido's definition of "aiki" and how it's supposed to be harmonious, non-resistant, peaceful, loving, etc. But I find it amazing that the original definition of aiki has brought to life and *shown* the Modern Definition of "aiki" by having high level aikido people in the same room all practicing together and having fun.

Oh, and George, I echo Dan in this. If I was in any way connected to what you described, I apologize.

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