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Re: bad technique vs. resistance

Katherine Derbyshire wrote: View Post
FWIW, I don't think it's coincidence that so many of the aikido people trying to "get it" are in Ikeda Sensei's organization. When someone as senior as he is is willing to try new stuff in public, it sets a strong example for everyone else.

(Full disclosure: I'm in the ASU myself, and have personally trained with most of the people Dan listed. But, fortunately for me, I'm not senior enough for anyone to care much what I can and can't do.)
Ikeda Sensei came up again in a personal conversation I was having this weekend and both of us talking agreed that *no one* we have ever known in Aikido has ever stepped up to the pump and put out the effort in the way that Ikeda Sensei has done, ignoring pecking-order games. So Ikeda is a worth-role model.

On the other hand, most people who see the basic mechanics of good internal strength don't need to be convinced much that the skills are an obvious part of Aikido; the question is how far they're going to be able to take themselves, find viable information, etc. I continue to look for all valid information from all valid sources, disregarding the petty bs about pecking order, etc., that goes nowhere.


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