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Re: Legacy and the Founder

Hello again Francis. Just read your reply and thank you very much for the communication, However, although I accept your apology I feel it is not needed for you were quite straight and upfront with me and it was me who had the misunderstanding.
More than that, in your first reply it was of such quality that it reached through to me and made me think, to reconsider my views so for that I am thankful. In fact it made me realize quite a few things including knowing your place,(regarding the topic you did put me in my place) which was needed so I can only thank you for that. I also realized that commenting on a persons charachter who you only know of second hand and third hand is actually not necessary even if all you have to say about the person is good. Finally the fact that your communication was so free of negativity and yet direct (if that's the right word) that I couldn't help but admire it and feel it and take the responsibility to fully understand it. You may be surprised at such an effect but nonetheless I felt I needed to say it. Thank you.
As a possible contribution to this topic I did have an idea I would like to share with you before I sign off and go to work.
It occured to me that a person could write a series of books about the people to which you refer from this perspective: 'Memories of.'
These books would have peoples accounts of their experiences and memories of those people and times. For example if one book was called 'Memories of O'Sensei in America' then a writer could go and meet people in America who had the good fortune to so do and get a record of their experiences. It would have to be a writer I would imagine, someone familiar with doing what is required.
Also right here in this column maybe you could gather videos of people giving their personal experiences as I know I was fascinated by two such videos I found on youtube.
Anyway, just a couple of ideas that may or may not be relevent to your purpose but given as a gift.
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