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Re: Legacy and the Founder

Greetings Graham,

It is so kind of you to express interest in matters concerning the history of Aikido's progress in the United States. In turn, I hope to learn more of the impact of Aikido's introduction to the continent, and to enjoy the stories from folks such as yourself, Henry Ellis, Peter Goldsbury, Neil Matthews, amongst others who I do not know of yet.

The appearance that distance can indeed dilute reality, while enhancing the romance of fantasy and illusion, must not be taken casually. I have found that many people are inclined to believe to be true, whatever they desire to be true, or are afraid may be true. It takes a rare individual indeed to break through this state of incompetence and non accountability to actually do the due diligence required to appropriately and fully examine the facts, test them empirically, and understand them through first hand experience. This does not describe the average Aikido player in the least.

It is acceptable to me that the vast majority of folks who practice Aikido do so for the simplest of reasons, wanting little more than a safe and reputable place to train. They would have no real interest in the proven pedigree of their instructors, and would show little affection for the Doshu or for the Founder. It is enough that the few that demonstrate a keen curiosity and interest in the quality of their Aikido understanding, proficiency and commitment, are allowed to do so without the burden of competing political or philosophical interference and obstruction.

KISS SIB is an American slogan for business, meaning Keep It Simple Stupid and Show It Big. Aikido to me is simple. It is the accomplishment of it that is difficult. So, I like to keep things simple.

In any reference to the Founder, however, I do have a request. Before uttering any cavalier or simplistic description of the Founder's real identity, his mission, his vision or his impact on the Budo world, the utterer should be sure of facts, references and be respectful of the impression it can have on those who do have such knowledge, and would appreciate greater care and compassion when speaking.

Thank you again for posting,
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