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Re: Legacy and the Founder

Hi Francis. Like Mary I am not sure exactly what you're saying as I too am not part of a big organization but as such may have or may not have a helpful different perspective on the envisioned scene.

I would say that many times a person of some extraordinary quality comes along and it is this that attracts a multitude of interest and thus people. The point here is that the person concerned is not usually interested in organizational matters but is interested in communicating or teaching what they have discovered.

Organization is formed after the event usually by others who see how to make a buck or 'keep it pure' or add infinitum.

For me the purpose of organization is simply to make it possible to deliver for those many who are interested.

However, how many stick to or even understand what he said and can demonstrate what he said for that is what attracts people to that art. That is the basic of it all.

He was a deeply spiritual man through which he came to his 'enlightenment' which then caused such a stir and change in the field of martial arts. Yet how many freak out at the mere mention of spiritual? Yet they try to say it's all down to his physical training.

So the answer to the problem, if indeed there is one lies with each person getting to know what he continuously said and to learn how that equals Aikido rather than say he didn't mean it that way for that is what attracted people in the first place.

Anyway, that's my two cents.

Regards, G.
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