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hey clark sensi ( mind if I call u sensi although not spelled correctly?)
I just want you to know taht I started Aikido when I was 12 ( with 4 months till i turned 13) and i am 15 now years old I live 15 miles away from my dojo. my school is about 1/2 a mile from the dojo so on school days I just walk. But 2 years ago my middle school ( i am in highschool I am a shop and I am about to get my drivers licesen yay!) was abou 13 miles away and on saterdays I have to have my parents drive me to aikido and I have been in aikido for about 3 years! I find it easy for my parents to take me ( or me when they dont want to drive I have my perment) anyhow my parents love the idea of no compition they say that the reward is inside of you and Aikido will help you. Compition is not a family tradition so... but I have seen alot of parents ask if there kids are gonna be in tornements or anything and some are shocked when my good ol sensi says no. But I have benifited from aikido. I can drive with awarness, I have gotten better grades ( I went from a b- c grade point average to a b + A point average) anyhow I just wanted to get my 2 cents in. I also think taht age rescritions are not bad but I have learned a lot from the 8- 9 year olds in our dojo.
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