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Re: Qi or Ki

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David, I have been considering qi for quite some time and I think that the fascia is the key to first experiencing qi. It is the medium for qi as it is interwoven with every system of the body.
Exactly. It was a lot of thinking about the fascia/connective tissue in relation to the bones, muscles and mind that made me aware that one piece was missing. And then I realized what that piece was and that it was inextricably part of me.

Matt Parsons wrote: View Post
Listening to your qi about the cold runs throughout shamanic and martial practices from the cold water dowsings in Systema to the cave and waterfall meditations of the Taoists.
I mentioned to my wife that I was working with tanren and she said, "So you're going to sit under a cold waterfall?"

And the answer is...."NO!"

I was walking several blocks between buildings at work the other day and realized that it was a lot colder than it had been when I left home that morning, and my clothes were a little inadequate. The wind was just cutting through me and I was hunching myself up and trying to shut out the cold when I remembered the experience of doing tai chi in the icy wind and I remembered, "Oh, yeah. The ki likes that coldness." So I shifted to feeling the cold with my ki and unhunched my shoulders and just stopped trying to block out the cold and accepted that I was a part of the environment and let the wind just pass through me. Like I became non-existent and then I became very relaxed and upright and even slowed down my walking and got a little warmer.

But when I decided to turn off the hot water during my shower the other day, and enjoy some pounding cold water....YIKES!

So it's not just the ki, but the body also has to be seriously prepared to do that kind of thing. I should be ready to try it about August!



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