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Do symbol Choose Death or Possible Death

I am very curious to see how different aikidoists think one should respond in the following situation.

(Also this is not meant to be realistic. Its more of a philosophical or ethical question.)

Suppose you are being attacked by someone armed with a large knife. The attacker is slashing with the blade so fast that it is almost certain that he will get at least one slash or stab in.

Being an Aikido practicioner you know of many different techniques to apply to his attack but you are faced with two general choices, do you try and kill him right away (yes, you know a technique that you could perform that would have a high likelood of killing the attacker) or do you take the inevitable wound, risk possible death, and attempt to subdue him without doing him harm? This 2nd choice of course will put you at risk for further injury or death if you fail to subdue him.

(BTW, you are cornered so you can't run away)

PS: I am also assuming in this scenerio that (unlike me) you have many years experience with Aikido and could perform techniques in real life encounters.

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-- Michael Neal
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