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Re: bad technique vs. resistance

Keith Gates wrote: View Post
I also find punching them repeatedly until they have 'dead arms' is an effective way of purging their strength.
But if someone were attacking with dead arms, you would probably be able to move however you liked (i.e.: using conventional muscle-power) and they wouldn't be able to resist you (so you wouldn't be able to feel your mistakes). However punching them repeatedly may be one possible way of purging an opponent of the problem Matthew was talking about...
Matthew Story wrote: View Post
I have a training partner like this, who analyses the technique he knows is coming and figures out how to thwart it before starting his attack. He thinks he is being realistic by providing a committed attack and resistance to the technique, but in truth he is training us both for a situation in which the attacker can read the defender's mind, obviously not a reaslistic situation.
If he is attacking differently from what the sensei is demonstrating against, the chances are it is a "sempai trick" (not necessarily committed by a sempai). Although it useful to figure out what they're playing at, generally I think that kind of training falls into the "non productive" category of resistance as in the David Alexander article.
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