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Re: Breathing Practices

Cool thanks Marc I'll give it a try at the dojo tomorrow night if it does not slip my mind.

Another thing I was thinking about on this subject last night. I have spent a lot of time thinking about breathing and trying to be more aware of it once I realized that how I was breathing affected me in my aikido as well as in riding my horse.

Mark Rashid has mentioned the practice of breathing out just as we ask our horse to do something. Say change gait or speed or lift off over a jump or so forth. I find myself naturally breathing out on the effort, especially in ukemi as I am thrown.

When I hold my breath there are braces in my body. Stiffness that could lead to injury in a technique or block my horse from being able to fully feel and understand my request. It also makes my body more rigid so that following either my horse or my training partner is more difficult for me to do.

It does not even have to be holding my breath. Braces in my body can come from breathing shallowly or breathing from the top of the lung rather then all the way to the bottom. Long slow regular breathing increases endurance in things like Randori and Jyu waza. It seems to lend to a clearer mind as well....

A lot to think about. Anyway these are my observations such as they are.
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