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Re: Legacy and the Founder

Thank you, Francis Sensei, for your steadfast passion to this ideal. As George Sensei has pointed out, time is running out for those in generational proximity to O'Sensei to speak out. Many have left this plane of existence without passing on all that they knew and experienced. Many still with us think that it is the younger ones' responsibility to somehow absorb these things on their own. Many others who are clouded with politics or ego will simply not be moved.

As one who wants to know, I can't possibly find out by myself. The teachers must put themselves "out there", or at least get their thoughts organized and recorded in some tangible and durable fashion. Aikidoka of today don't have to do everything as the Founder did (although one could do worse), but should at least have access to enough accurate and objective information to fashion their own choices. This can be done, if undertaken for the greater good. I hope it happens, as time moves on in spite of the need, and sources are inexorably dwindling.

Thanks again for your unwavering voice.
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