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Hey Dave,

Missed posting the last couple of days.

Yea I'am a Ranger. Not really up on what is going on down at Benning...but there is nothing "official" that Rangers will ever adopted as far as a style of MA.

But, then we pride ourselves on being "unofficial". More than likely BJJ is in vogue like it is in much of the west right now.

You would probably find that many (myself included) to be somewhat critical of BJJ for military application, since they spend so much of their time on the ground.(Not good in multiple opponent situation!)

I frankly have found MA to not be all that important from a tactical application standpoint. (Empty hand)

Escrima, knife stuff is actually probably much more desirable.

For what it is worth, I held my own with Aikido "in the pit" when going through training in a four man fight. (Most of what I did was stand around and watch three guys duke it out, once the odds were much better, i delt with one guy!) Not really aikido, but common sense. Would you believe my platoon though I was a wimp for not "fighting" or hitting even though I won??? What do you expect from a bunch of 18 year old knuckle heads though!

Anyway, Richard Strozzi Heckler does work with SF and I believe the Marines. The Marines have gone so far as to incorporate MA and a belt system into their culture. A great thing I think. About a year old, not sure how it is going. I would love to get involved in such an iniative. Been meaning to make it down to Quantico to talk to the LTC that is running the program, but haven't made it yet!

In our current wartime environment in Operations Other than War and Low Intensity Conflict, I find Martial Arts, and aikido in particular to be very, very relevant to our success in the military.

I highly reccomend Mr Hecklers book "In Search of the Warrior Spirit" if you have not read it yet. Great book!

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