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"Love is Aikido"
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Re: 5th kyu shihans

Having the ability to work with others is a great skill to have at any dojo. Regardless, of race, creed, color, or sex.

We need people to train with, learn from, and teach us. We can't do Aikido alone, we need a training partner. So when we enter the dojo, we must come in with the right attitude that we will be harmonious, we will demonstrate love in order to help us grow both in our personal lives and in the dojo. Love, an important precept hailed by O'Sensei, who imparted it to us had his conflicts and over came them with love and not violence (later in his life). If we are true to ourselves, and seriously sincere about Aikido and the Founder, we will overcome any personality and or petty differences within ourselves and between our fellow deshi.

Love is what makes Aikido very special and appealing. We all must exercise that love as being the greatest Aikido waza of all. If O'Sensei's dream is to material it should start in the dojo overcoming personal conflicts like prejudices, sexism (male and female), and hate. If we don't carry-on in a loving harmonious manner , and instead insist on maintain conflict and personal competition then we are not doing Aikido. We have failed. We are truly 1st kyus no matter what color cloth is tied our waist.

What goes around here with all the conflict and strife who have O'Sensei turn in his grave. We practice Aikido, and it should show.
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