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Re: Budo renshu/budo keiko

Hanna Björk wrote: View Post
I have been told that while "renshu" means practise in general, and the word is used for mundane things such as pracising ice hockey or a foreign language, the word for practising budo or other traditional Japanese arts such as ikebana or chado is keiko.

However, there is a book by a certain Morihei Ueshiba called "Budo renshu". Not Budo keiko. Budo renshu, it is.

Have I been misinformed, or is the issue of how and when to use the verbs keiko and renshu more complicated than I have so far understood?
Hello Hanna,

Keiko has a range of meanings in Japanese and renshuu also has a range of meanings. In some cases they overlap, but not always. So in some cases you can use both words interchangeably; in other cases you cannot. Some think that the difference is captured by the English terms practice (= keiko) and training (= renshuu), but I have doubts about this.

Carsten Moellering asked a similar question in a thread called The Essence of Training and I will post a longer answer there, but this longer answer will be illuminating only to those who have some idea of how Japanese works.

Best wishes,


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