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Re: Breathing Practices

Eric DesMarais wrote: View Post
I hadn't heard of this either. What is the purpose?
I really don't recall what the purpose was. I use it as an excercise in being able to isolate and control muscle groups that most people just don't think about.

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
My question would be "what does any given breathing practice have to do with substantively (not subjectively) improving your Aikido?".


Mike Sigman
Myself personally. And this applies to more than just aikido. I have asthma. When I start having difficulty breathing I start concentrating on breathing. This is one of the exercises I might do. It helps me get my breathing back under control. I have not used any meds for my asthma since I started concentrating on breathing. (I am not advocating that anyone stop using their meds at all) It also helps me to calm down and relax when I start getting anxious, tense and reactive which sometimes does happen during aikdo practice.
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