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What a bunch of!.

well, to answer a couple of good questions...To Janet, I did not clothesline him. But sometimes, iriminage is a clothesline if you don't follow. It could also be a smack in the nose/face by accident..And there are sensei's in the dojo who demonstrate the iriminage as a clothesline. you can clearly see the difference, though. My arm was arched and i hit him with the bend in my arm, not a forearm (which would be closer to a clothesline). I also move pretty slowly with while i first do a technique to get my movement together, and minimize the chance that i might injure someone with my awkwardness..

I am always careful to be respectful of those i try with, because i want them to keep training with me and give me respect. so i think to get respect, it's good to begin with giving it.

Another question and suggestion was to get the instructor involved. i did that with another technique, because he was going to "show" me what sensei did. So we called him over and he showed him the same thing i did....we continued to train.

I agree with one of the responses that there is too much talking during training. I came up with hardcore, old school instructors. we didn't do a lot of talking. AND if one of the larger (more muscular, not fat) men started intimidating the women, the other guys would step in. They also showed us women how to protect ourselves against these kind of people. But I don't want to go that route.

I don't teach people. I let the sensei do that, I like to train and figure it out as we go along. The movement can reveal itself through repetition and good instruction from a good sensei, of which i am not. BUT on the other hand, sometimes, your training partner has experience in other things and can make good suggestions that help.

AND yes, there is too much complaining during training too..I was quite surprised that this "tough" guy complained. But on the other hand, I thought that maybe in his mind, he was restraining himself from "retaliating"..

I'll see him again next week, when i'm on the mat and i'm not going to train with him. my training time is precious to me and it's generally a peaceful time for me. I want it to stay that way. There are people in the dojo who will retaliate if he hurts me, I don't want that, so I'm walking away for a while.
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