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Mike Sigman
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Re: Breathing Practices

Marc Abrams wrote: View Post
Maybe you want to freely share how you use your breathing in your practice.
Well, I'm trying to get other people to share, Marc. For years I've read posts on AikiWeb where people say they know or already knew. I take them at their words and simply suggest that they share for the good of others in their art.

If you look at the archives, I've posted a lot of how-to's, diagrams, etc., on this forum and others. A number of Aikido people are on QiJin. So I "freely share", but I'm not going to talk endlessly without getting back some input from all the people who already know these things. And sure, there's always the implication that people from the last 5-6 years didn't really know everything and they were simply trying to save face... we all understand that... the way around it is for the people who "know" to start posting something to show it. Might they be asked uncomfortable questions about their assertions? Sure. But that's life in the fast lane. If you don't want to run with the big dogs you gotta stay on the porch and bark a lot. Ever notice the people that bark a lot at me?


Mike Sigman
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