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Re: Would the Ikkyo pin work in MMA?

There is a You-Tube video, in which Bas Rutten, one of the top ex-MMA guys explains why Aikido is not used/seen in MMA. He is quite adamant that "their style would need to change", which is really quite ridiculous when you think about it. How MMA developed from the early days where fighters all came from different backgrounds, they all had to change their styles. (I happen to quite like Bas, I think he is a brute, but actually well hearted)

On his DVD entitled "Lethal Defense Video" or something like that.
It worthy to note that he demonstrates, both an ikkyo (more force than finesse), and a nikkyo as well as talking about a lot of martial principles which a good Aikido instructor will teach. In the Ikkyo, he adds kicks to the face and dropping your knee over the top to break/dislocate the elbow.

I have to say that I far as I am aware the actual pins on the ground are therapeutic in nature and not intended to be used in a martial encounter, although can be applied as effective pins in their own right.

I'd say the martial aspect of ikkyo is to get their body turned away from you and their head down, so if necessary you can apply exactly the type of atemi Bas revels in explaining. Also I'd say ikkyo is a gateway technique leading to a whole host of possibilities.

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