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Re: 5th kyu shihans


in our dojo or when I train abroad I don't have often something to do with 5th kyu shihans (being a 3rd kyu shihan myself... ). But it happens that there are some newbies giving me advice about what I'm doing wrong...we had it just yesterday that a technique (kokyu) did't work with a 5th kyu and myself, and she tried to explain me what she thought I was doing wrong. So what? If it didn't work then obviously I must have done something wrong - because if the teacher repeats the same thing with her, it does work.

Sure there are issues like "uke doesn't attack frankly enough" or "uke tries to walk out the technique when he should continue to attack" etc. etc. But then tori should be able to react to that, shouldn't he?

And then there is another issue - all these strong men can maybe make use of their weight and momentum on techniques like yokomen uchhi irimi nage...but whenever it comes to wrist twisting exercises I find them much more vulnerable than women or frailer men. So no need to get angry at them for being uncooperative at irimi nage, just wait when they have to pair up for sankyo.

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