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5th kyu shihans

Hey guys,

I need some advice. I am a woman training and i constantly come across these lower kyu men (usually just joined) who have absolutely NO idea as to what is going on. Of course they think they do AND not only do they complain about how I do the technique (i'm a second kyu), but they don't see what the instructor demonstrates AND they constantly try to tell me how to do the technique.

Today, we were SUPPOSED to do iriminage. These really large man, who is much stronger than I, did not follow properly (naturally didn't know how, because he just joined and is still learning) and complained about getting "clothes lined" and warned me not to do it again. I told him that he needed to learn how to follow. I'm not trying to hurt him, but he had to go with the movement. I asked him his level and told him mine. To which of course he said, so that point, I was just about to walk away from him, when the sensei changed the technique and we had to change partners. I really wanted to drop him, but naturally that is not the proper thing to do.

It's really working my nerves. Do you guys have any advice on how to deal with these people?
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