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Re: Ikeda Sensei Demos of Ki

Marc Abrams wrote: View Post
5) I have a monthly blog that I put on my website and is also available on the Aikiweb each month. The blog serves as a tool for the learning of myself and my students. I leave it to others to decide as to whether or not anybody finds it of use.
Marc, I took a look at a few of your blogs. Since you don't define many terms with precision, I couldn't mesh a lot with what you're saying. In some aspects of things you and I have radically different perspectives, but simply say "each to his own". Well... there was one blog where you talked about people breathing sometimes while pulling their diaphragms upward that I would take exception to: if air is coming into your lungs the diaphragm *must* be going down. Other wise air would be pushed out of your lungs.

In terms of Ushiro Sensei's demonstrations, I found a video on YouTube that has a number of varying demonstrations. Trying to stay focused on Aikido or Aikido-like demonstrations, I didn't see anything that I thought was mysterious or not easily demonstrated to be an example of basic kokyu/jin, for the most part. If you disagree, I'd like for you to point out an example, please. My point is that it's not difficult or particularly moot when someone demonstrates basic kokyu, even on video:

BTW.... can you see an example of Ushiro Sensei using "intention" as you described "intention" on your blogs? I'm curious about how you're using the term.


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