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Re: Ikeda Sensei Demos of Ki

Marc Abrams wrote: View Post
Going from one child to two is always the hardest! Going from 2 on up, much easier! NYC dojo is one hour each way (two hour class). My wife and I made major sacrifices to allow us to continue with our training. I fully understand your situation. Raising a family is all about major sacrificing.....
Totally agreed - just now . . with #2 . . JUST NOW starting to feel human again with her at 6 months old. So hopefully can start getting back into the normal training model .. however, a wrinkle is that I'm a bit bored with MMA at the moment and looking for something a little different. I kind of want to try out fencing for a while, just to do something completely different. Then just drop by the MMA gym periodically to work out - but I don't seem to be as into it when it's my main activity. (total thread drift, I know)

Marc Abrams wrote: View Post
I look at things differently. I like to get together with people and actively train together and hash out things. We both are old wrestlers, so we both know how important hands on is in working things out. I currently work with a growing bunch of wrestlers. There is no substitute for experiencing what they actually do, as opposed to what I think I see on video or from the stands. I frankly find using video after I work with someone can be a little more useful. I do not engage in idolizing others. If I can learn something from somebody, that is great. If I can't, it is my loss. It's too easy to pick apart things "wrong" or not good enough. It's a lot harder finding useful information in the most unlikely places.
Meeting hands on is the way to go. Hashing things out is best. Agreed that video is not a substitute. I don't think anyone's arguing that. What you can somewhat derive is to take a demonstration and exercise and say, "Based on my understanding of the principles at work, here's what's happening" and then lay it out there - see who agrees, argues, etc. And in the course of that, hopefully raise the corporate knowledge of all the participants (if enough people have enough of the basic vocabulary).

In the next year or so I should free up to move around more and get back on the "meeting" circuit. Right now, if someone wants to get together to hash things out - I'm game. Enough people know me from a few years ago and know what I'm doing now are intrigued at the differences in approach - so I have people come visit now and again to work on things. That's enough to keep my plate full until I can get more mobile again to travel and see what others are doing (had to pass up more than one tempting invitation in the last couple of years, unfortunately).

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