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Mike Sigman
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Re: Ikeda Sensei Demos of Ki

Marc Abrams wrote: View Post
When I think that I have a good idea of "internal strength", I will be sure to post a blog on it to try and win your praise (maybe not).
Well, if you have a good idea (in my perception), I will tell you; if you say something I disagree with, I will tell you and I will be exact in describing the actual physical reasons of why or why not. If you use vague general terms with no rational explanation, I will ask you to explain, just as I would expect you to ask me to explain exactly what I meant if I used some vague terms like "spiralling energy" or something similar. Truth and facts first. When conversations stay on a level like that (no personalities) about why or why not, everyone benefits.

Regardless of what you think your position is in terms of overall knowledge of internal-strength mechanics, you should post them. It will give you an opportunity to formulate and articulate your thoughts and you will learn even more through the process. Others will also benefit from the exchange.

Mike Sigman