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Marc Abrams
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Re: Ikeda Sensei Demos of Ki

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
I'm not sure what you're trying to say, Marc. I have videos out in public and if people analyze/dissect those, it's fair game. In fact, it'd be a good public debate. Are you suggesting that people shouldn't analyze (without any personal comments, of course) demonstrations by particular people for certain reasons? I'm not clear on what you mean.

And by the way I'm assuming that you have some videos you can analyze of these "dissectors" where you're able to know what they can and cannot do, since you make a definitive assertion? The reason I bring this up is because I used to see a lot of people who, for whatever reason but usually personal jealousy, used to find every incident they could to denigrate Chen Xiaowang (or others), but they never really had experience with him themselves (other than polite meetings maybe). So I'm trying to be clear what you're analysing in which you definitively say what people can and cannot do. I'm assuming, since it's you, that there's not some shallow motivation, of course. Well, that sounds good. BTW, speaking of "pushing us forward", why don't you and some of the other recently-trained experts join in these conversations of analyzing and explaining how things work? It would be helpful to the whole community if all of the people with new-found skills could engage in online discussion and explanation, sort of like we used to do on the old Neijia List. If someone knew something it was obvious and welcomely discussed. The BS-artists were flushed out pretty rapidly and one of the sure signs a conversation was being pushed to the BS levels was when things turned to a discussion of personalities. I'm certain that a good discussion of factual how-to's would be easy to start on AikiWeb, so why not put your training and insights about internal strength to a good and productive use? It would be good for the Aikido community.


Mike Sigman
1) There is limited information that can be gained by observing videos. I guess that I am not at such esteemed levels that I can gained all-knowing information from videos. Maybe one day.... .

2) As to people who like to backseat drive, nothing is gained by calling people out. When you train with certain people, you know who attends the events as well. When people who have not had any hands-on are commenting, you know who they are as well. I frankly do not see where you find me telling people definitively about what others can and cannot do.

3) People put videos out for a variety of reasons. If people want to spend their time coming to "final conclusions" based upon them, then so be it. That is not the way I choose to spend my time.

4) Kindly show me where I have ever described myself as a "recently trained expert." People that know me, know my opinion of the word "expert." My life experiences to date lead to what I can and cannot do today. I consider myself a student on the road of learning. I am ahead of some, even with others, and behind others. I am simply concerned with learning from those ahead of me and sharing what I have learned with those that are even with me and behind me on that life-long road of learning. To me, the day that I believe I have nothing left to learn from others, should be the day I pass on.

5) I have a monthly blog that I put on my website and is also available on the Aikiweb each month. The blog serves as a tool for the learning of myself and my students. I leave it to others to decide as to whether or not anybody finds it of use. If it is, fine; if not, fine. When I think that I have a good idea of "internal strength", I will be sure to post a blog on it to try and win your praise (maybe not).


Marc Abrams