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Re: My Rope Theory

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
you know, the japanese has a whole art on how to tie folks with rope which i believed is quite popular with the "tie me up, tie me down" culture. anyone know what sort of rope to use for that? just curious, mind you! and that's my story and i will stick to it!

still trying to understand how rope relates to aikido, unless they made from marijuana, which would give raise to the spirit and so on and so forth.

read somewhere "if everyone agrees on everything, there is something wrong with that."
Phi, it's probably this rope you are thinking of....

"Dear Ellis,
Enclosed is the Mouldy Rope. You are hereby dubbed Knight of the Mouldy Rope. An ancient order it is not, a noble rectitude is not found among its members, thee and me, time-hallowed rituals have we none. The Mouldy Rope may be worn about the person to affix the trou, used as a trivet for hot vessels, for binding jaws of dragons slain or captive, for a little B & D action with the ladies. When lost, burned or otherwise irretrievably engaged, the MR may be substituted for by something else. New knights and ladies may be appointed subject to unanimous assent of all Knights of MR, but sparingly. Big tits alone, shall not constitute grounds fo admission, but certain levies, tithes and assessments shall be waived upon their presentation for inspection to the examination board.
Yours truly,
Terry Dobson, KMR"

It apparently plays a very important role in the oral traditions of Terry Dobson's lineage of Aikido...

(From Ellis Amdur, Dueling with O-Sensei, Seattle: Edgework 2000, p 189. For more touching iconoclast context, buy the wonderful book: )
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