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Re: My Rope Theory

Carina Reinhardt wrote: View Post
... So everybody is right and see his own truth
If you stay practicing, someday a time will come when you have to decide what your own truth is.
Not because someone urges you (at least I hope noone will do), but because you have to walk your own way, do your own ikkyo, you will have to choose from some given possibilities.
And when you do, you will know why you make this decision. And why you stay away from other possibilities.

Looking at aikido I don' tknow whether everybody is right. I sometimens think that some teachers (not styles) are "more right" than others. At least here Germany.)
But I do know that not everyone can go every way or live every truth.

Practicing aikido you have to choose your style, your dojo, your teacher, your way of practicing, of doing it.
At least after some time, when grow up, become more mature and more confident you will have to.
(To stay with your first dojo or your first teacher also is a decision. Not to seek other truths in seminars or in dojo far away on the mainland but "stay at home" also is a decision. [My teacher lives about 300 km ~ 190 miles from here. The teacher of my teacher lives in Japan. ...])

So "everybody is right" certainly is true in one sense.
But everyone has to live ones own specific, certain truths.
Whenever possible connected (atari ...) with those of the others.

Makes me think of the "Essence" thread: Practicing aikido also leads to "finding one's own truth" in some respects.
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