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Re: Training Internal Strength

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
A good way to put it is to quote Some teachers
Bill Gleason "This is what I went to Japan to find."
George Ledyard "I wasted about 25 years training in a way that one day I realized would never result in the skills my own teacher had."
Ikeda has so many You would have to look them up.
Howard told everyone here what he Thought
Two Daito ryu Shihans changed their training on being shown certain ways to train.
It is rather interesting that people with up to 45 years experience in Budo made a dynamic shift upon feeling those who train this way!.
That's great news. They were happy to find out what they didn't know before (Hmmmm.... if it's the "cornerstone" of their art, how were they shihans?). Imagine how happy they would be if they find out there are some extremely important aspects to add on top of the ones they've recently found! Then again, ignorance can be bliss, as we've seen in the past from the number of people angrily denouncing the idea that there was anything that they didn't know.

My comment is more or less along the lines that a lot of these skills are just getting started (re-started, actually) and I think there are more surprises to come if people can get an information source. Overall, these conversations are pretty interesting to watch, but frankly I just view them as some of the preliminary approaches to a difficult, but desirable objective. I was probing around 5 or 6 years ago trying to get an idea via anecdotes about Tohei exactly how much he really knew. It's a productive area, IMO.


Mike Sigman
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