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Tony Wagstaffe
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Re: Training Internal Strength

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
Tony, those words have pretty practical meanings, but if you had already known that you wouldn't have posted the things that you posted. Hence, you don't know some pretty important things and your "observations" are explained. As I said, that doesn't bother me in the least (what you know)... I'm tickled to see you carry on with whatever it is that you're doing, so don't get me wrong.


Mike Sigman
I have my vays of extracting vhat I need to extract. Maybe I have it maybe I don't, but I relate to what some of you are trying to say here and that is a good thing...... I am a cynical old bastard when I get down to it, so I won't apologise for the sarky humour, it had a purpose.....
Nothing personal, believe me, I'm quite cuddly really.....
You now have my interest.......
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